Did anyone see the new Woodsy Allen movie?

After the classic Husbands and Wives, even I will admit that Woody Allen’s movies get less consistently brilliant, though even the worst have some classic bits. I especially like the angry whispering scene in the Café Carlyle in Hollywood Ending or Elaine May’s shiny awesomeness in Small Time Crooks. The truth is; I always love every new Woody Allen movie on some level. Whenever a new one comes out, I always take the day off so I can see the 11 am show in a half-empty Upper West Side theater with a bunch of cranky old people.
I nominate the following as the best overlooked Woody Allen movies since 1992.
Sweet and Lowdown never gets mentioned as one of his classics and I can’t figure out why. The movie is like a jewel, with every facet completing its aesthetic in tone and feeling. Even though he is a horrible gadabout and womanizing A-hole, this is the only movie in which I find Sean Penn even remotely charming, and yes I am including Fast Abortions at Ridgemont High. Spicoli can take a hike. I would go shoot rats at the dump with Emmett Ray anytime.
Everyone Says I Love You is great because at a time when the whole world hated him and he had been reduced to a monologue joke, Allen comes out with this balls-to-the-wall ensemble cast musical masterpiece. He dates Julia Roberts (using nefarious means), casts Goldie Hawn as his ex-wife and dances with her on the bank of the Seine, and throws in the most attractive young actors in town. The movie is as good a love story as it is a love song to New York. Also gets extra points for having TWO former M*A*S*H* cast members.
Deconstructing Harry. Immediately after that bright swinger of a movie, Allen does an about face and goes super dark, casting himself as Harry Block, a vulgar, hooker-loving, pill-popping narcissist. His literary creations and his real life blend and collide, tempering the depressing “real life” plot with funny interludes much like his short stories from The New Yorker. In the end, his life is a mess and only his art remains. He is confronted by his characters who tell him to accept his limitations and get on with his life, which is the best advice I’ve ever heard.


One Response to “Did anyone see the new Woodsy Allen movie?”

  1. Daniel Says:

    I have not seen it yet, but I really like Larry David and hope it’s a good one.
    “Everyone Says I Love You” is one of my favorites !

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